When does an activity gym make sense for my baby?

Before you opt for an acivity gym you ask yourself the question: „When is an activity gym really useful for my baby?“
I respond to this question and show you how your baby’s development looks in the first months of life. So you can better estimate when your baby is ready for an arch and how you can help with this toy to stimulate your little ones development.

For what age activity gyms are suitable?

According to most manufacturers, activity gyms are immediately suitable from birth. Does it make sense so early? No, because in the first days and weeks, in this new world, the sight is not fully developed yet. Then toys that hang in front of the face can trigger a sensory overload. Experience shows that you can try after 4 to 6 weeks for a few minutes, if your baby focuses the toys quite a few seconds and enjoys it. Remove the activity center immediately out of sight of your child when it gets grumpy. Approximately with 8 weeks the vision is better and the baby slowly starts to bring the arms towards a toy and maybe grasp. Again, you should always stay and have a look if your baby is fine or over-stimulated. With 10 to 12 weeks of age your baby has more need for movement and its ability to see is further developed. Now your baby can deal up to 15 minutes alone with the toys. Again, never leave your child unattended!

Properly targeted gripping is developing with about 4 to 5 months. Now your child can see the objects well and stretches purposely both hands to grasp the object. You call this two-handed grip palmar gripping, because it is accessed by the entire palm. This is the first stage of the gripping learning process that you can support with a activity gym very well. When the child gets older (at around until the 7th month), it can already grab with one hand. From now on, your baby can with each hand holding an object and give the objects from one hand to the other. What can still be difficult: hands do not make a single movement: i.e. when the one hand opens also the other does. Thus, if a toy is held and another is to be grasped, the other hand opens too and the first toy often falls out again. But even that will soon go independently. Here’s an activity gym a great companion because the various hanging items can be just gripped with two or later with only one hand. You’ll see how your child enjoys it.
Most children can handle the pincer grasp until 9-12 months, this means small parts can be picked up between thumb and forefinger.
The temporal data in this text are average experience values, you should always refer to the individual development of your child enter! If your child learns a skill a little later, this is not so bad. It has developed at this time a different ability. Just trust on your baby and support it in its development!

Activity gym sheets are long of interest to your child can crawl, so depending on the baby 6 to 10 months. Because once the little ones are mobile there is so much new to discover!


We showed you how your baby’s development looks in the first months of life and that you can support its development with a matching arch. It is important that you not too long can your child at the beginning under his arch and recognize when it has enough of it. So your child will have lots of fun with his arch and playful improve his skills.