What should I be aware of before buying an activity gym?

Of course, we parents want only the best for our kids. And so I asked myself: What should I actually look for when purchasing an activity gym?
Before we opted for an arch, I have made some thoughts and want to share them with you. The main points for me were the materials and the possible dangers. In no case I wanted an arch, which is loaded with potentially harmful substances. You never know what is licked next… 😉
Next, I looked at the equipment and the daily handling. Below I have written my thoughts. But in the end everyone must decide which criteria are important for you and which are not.

What should I be aware of with an activity gym?


A play arch for your child must be of high quality! The toy, which is attached to the arch must be safely and securely attached. Your child may be able to tear the toys under any circumstances. Here you should especially heed to removable hanging figures and eventually self-designed toys.
In addition, small parts should have a size that cannot be swallowed. If any part of the activity gym should come off, it may be swallowed from your child!

Vivid colors and patterns

There are endless combinations of colors and patterns for activity center. To not overtax your child choose vivid colors and patterns that your child can distinguish well. Especially very small children can see only dimly at the beginning of their life and can usually only distinguish light and dark contours. Only with increasing age, babies can recognize colors and assign patterns better. Unsuitable therefore are rather small-scale patterns that can lead to overstimulation.


When buying an activity gym my attention primarily goes to the existing and supplied parts. But it is quite useful when the toys are interchangeable. So you can (for example, at the beginning) remove toys to prevent overstimulation. On the other hand one can freely append or replace toys to always make the gym interesting for the level of development of the child.
If the toys are not interchangeable (as in some wooden bows), we have some tips on how you can also make this arch long-lasting interesting for your child.

No pollutants

You should carefully pay attention that the processed materials do not contain harmful substances or are colored with toxic colors. This is more common in very cheaply produced blankets and materials. Therefore I recommend rather to spend a little more money and to play it safe.
For painted toys the paint should be suitable for children’s toys. It has to be saliva-resistant that the toy can optionally be inserted in the mouth. This will happen anyway …
Plastic should not contain plasticizers (BPA-free!).


In order to have more fun with your activity gym and your baby blanket, it is advisable to pay attention to the washability. So it is not a big problem, even if something is spilled on the playmat. Pay attention to the fabric, that it is (best machine) washable. Arches of wood can usually be cleaned easily with wet wipes.


I have shown you on what you should look for when buying an activity gym. It is up to yourself, on what criteria you put your priorities. The avoidance of pollutants is for me the most important.