Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano Gym

Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano GymFisher Price Kick and Play Piano GymThe Kick and Play Piano Gym is a great way to stimulate the senses and gross motor skills of your little one. This baby gym has so many different features and it even rows with the baby. Long lasting fun for your lovebug!


This Piano gym has for different ways to play. The first way is that your baby is lying on the ground and grasps after the sweet toys overhead. Your little one will find a hippo teether, clacking elephants, a purple frog with a roller ball in the middle and a heart with a funny Zebra to look at. A baby safe mirror is included and attached in the middle of the arch. All toys are moveable what means you can hang them each day in a different position. During the first months of your baby too many toys can be overwhelming, so you can remove some of them and bring it back a few weeks later.
The second way of playing is to kick the piano. Your child will love to learn how to play the music while kicking. Your little one anticipates the link between action and reaction. You can also choose from different songs and volumes.
The next play is tummy time. You can remove the arch and your baby can have a look at the colorful animals on the blanket and the piano. To see different colors and feel the softness of the blanket can be really fun.
When your baby gets older, just let him play sitting with the arch and the toys. He will still have fun as you can arrange the toys each day in a different manner.
You can even remove the piano and your older child can play the piano wherever he likes. So this activity gym really grows with your baby.


This Kick and Play Piano Gym is worth the money. With different ways to play it grows with your baby and brings long lasting fun. The senses of your baby are stimulated with music, lights and nice colors. The removable toys are a good way to minimize overstimulation in the early weeks of baby’s life. Later you can rearrange the toys differently which provides each day a new experience.

Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano Gym

Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano Gym







        Fun factor


          Value for money



            • Long lasting because it grows with the baby
            • Nice price
            • Battery included


            • May be too overwhelming during the first weeks of life (but you can detach toys)