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Haba Color Fun Play Gym

Haba Color Fun Play GymHaba Color Fun Play GymThe Haba Color Fun Play Gym is a playmat made of wood, from German toy manufacturer Haba. In addition to the dangling figure (individually expandable with additional toys) on the ground are more colorful play opportunities that encourage the acoustic development of your child. Made of wood, the disks are great acoustic fun. With this activity gym, there is unfortunately no playmat included. These must be purchased separately. Here you find a selection of playmats. Haba Color Fun Play Gym weiterlesen

When does an activity gym make sense for my baby?

Before you opt for an acivity gym you ask yourself the question: „When is an activity gym really useful for my baby?“
I respond to this question and show you how your baby’s development looks in the first months of life. So you can better estimate when your baby is ready for an arch and how you can help with this toy to stimulate your little ones development.

For what age activity gyms are suitable?

According to most manufacturers, When does an activity gym make sense for my baby? weiterlesen