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What should I be aware of before buying an activity gym?

Of course, we parents want only the best for our kids. And so I asked myself: What should I actually look for when purchasing an activity gym?
Before we opted for an arch, I have made some thoughts and want to share them with you. The main points for me were the materials and the possible dangers. In no case I wanted an arch, which is loaded with potentially harmful substances. You never know what is licked next… 😉
Next, I looked at the equipment and the daily handling. Below I have written my thoughts. But in the end everyone must decide which criteria are important for you and which are not. What should I be aware of before buying an activity gym? weiterlesen

What is a baby gym?

A baby gym or activity gym, also sometimes called playmat, is a loving and child-designed arch construction. Activity gyms are available in many variants and each is provided with different imaginative designed figures and toys. They can be with and without sound and light effects.
With this adventure toy your baby is stimulated to learn gripping as developmental psychologists viewed as essential.
Besides that, the activity gym excites the playfulness of your little one and helps its development of necessary fine and gross motor skills. What is a baby gym? weiterlesen

What are the differences in activity gym?

For your child you want of course to find the best activity gym. But what differences exist between activity gyms from different manufacturers?
The most striking difference is probably the material of the toy. However, the fabrics of the sheets are different – in some cases significantly. From the wooden gym to the fully equipped activity gym with iPhone connector you will find any possible choice.
I will present some criteria to help you find the right activity gym for you and your baby. What are the differences in activity gym? weiterlesen