Find the perfect playmat for your child

A playmat, often also called activity gym is a great educational toy for your baby. Your child will playfully train its capabilities to grab sense and hear.

You as a parent can support the development motor activity and the hand-eye-coordination of your little one with the right educational toy. Already in their first weeks in life, baby´s start making their first tries to grab things and also want to play with things around them. From the first days in this little life, your child wants you to give him or her attention.
Especially the layout, the quality and of cause the price are huge differentiators while purchasing a playmat but also for the fun, your baby will have with the new toy.

On this homepage you will find all the information and product presentation you need to get the activity gym that fits perfectly for you and your baby!


A playmat comes with different layout and a lot of different equipment. You can choose between models with additional light and music. An activity gym can be made of wood and some of them come with a handy additional blanket.


You can easily upgrade your playmat with some really nice additional toys you can hang onto the playmat. In out DIY-section we show you some easy to make toys your little one will just love!

Find more information about accessories for your playmat.

Know how

Before you finally decide, you might have the same questions, I had before I bought our playmat: „What should I be aware of before buying an activity gym?“ and maybe also „What are the differences in activity gym?“

You find information on this and other topics in our category „Know how“.

Zu diesen und weiteren Themen findest du Antworten in unserer Rubrik „Wissenswertes“.